BR Music Productions

My own production company, which I run in tandem with my own musical career. It has a portfolio of shows for theatres, casinos and the corporate market as well as providing a bespoke show service.

Man City Football Club

My other big passion outside of music is my beloved football team. I am a passionate life long fan, which provides me with joy and heartache in equal measures!

Holly Brewer

Holly is not only my little protégé but happens to be my very talented niece. She is destined for greatness and it has been a labour of love to play my part in helping her on her path to what I guarantee will be an amazingly successful career.

David Foster

David Foster is my biggest influence as a musician and a producer. He has been and continued to be my greatest inspiration throughout my professional musical career.


Special thanks to Mercedes-Benz, my preferred supplier of motor vehicle.

Brendan Cole

My very good friend who I have had the great pleasure of working with and putting the music together for two UK national tours. You can also visit the official tour website of

Eyennceeeyenncee Logo

The agency that looks after my professional interests as well as those of many of our finest entertainment artists.

Cancer Research UK

A charity very close to my heart as this awful disease has touched us all personally at some time and in some way shape or form. Many peoples loved ones have survived as a consequence of the great work it does and great strides continue to be made towards ultimately finding a cure.


Another charity which I subscribe to and does amazing work on behalf of children who experience all kinds of cruelty in all sorts of situations. Without the help and support of organisations like this many children would continue to suffer in silence without the help and support they need.