Making the decision to follow a musical career was made rather late into his youth and Barry learnt his craft from being “thrown in the deep end” on numerous occasions. He watched and observed from other Musical Directors learning what to do and not to do from them. He believes being a good Musical Director requires a gamut of abilities and knows that not everyone is cut out for it.

“In my humble opinion I believe what makes a good Musical Director is possessing a varied skill set. It is not just about being a good musician, which is naturally very important too, but it is also about having the right temperament, excellent leadership skills, the ability to be firm but fair, to be a good diplomat and in many situations a good sense of humour. You have to work well under pressure and you have a big responsibility to all those around you. I have found that if I am relaxed and calm even in high- pressure situations it tends to help others feel more  comfortable and helps to put them at ease.”

As Musical Director and piano/keyboard player his experience ranges from West End shows to Concert Tours and is equally at home both in live situations as well as television.